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Laverne Spicer is one of America’s new conservative treasures. Hands down, she is one of the most courageous America First candidates I have met. Against what the pragmatists call long odds, Lavern is seeking a US House seat in Florida’s complex district 24. I won’t sell her short, because I know her.

Getting to know Lavern was less about my interview process and its content and more about two people, different and at the same time similar. In the first few minutes of our conversation, we acknowledged she’s a woman, I am a man. We are woke to our identities and have no intention of challenging what God has made us. She is a person of color (black) so am I (white).

She is new to the politics of conservatism, I’m not. She has happy memories of church, so do I. She is a professed, genuine too! She is pro-life, count me in. We both acknowledged we didn’t care what color the other is, and Lavern told me, it’s who I am, “you’re stuck with it!” And I quipped, “being a white guy is who I am.” We laughed!

Once in a while, we are blessed to meet someone driven by love and passion, someone outside the so-called “mainstream” of politics, someone whose life reflects the values that make America great. Nope, Nada, Nyet…Laverne is not your run-of-the-mill GOP practitioner. While I secretly believe she has always been one, she’s a convert to conservatism. I’m fine either way and don’t give a flipping hoot how she got here.

What Laverne cares about passionately is America, its people, our values, and its future. While her daily routine has her feeding individuals and families, one mouth at a time, when you read her tweets you discover blunt force trauma, raw, unvarnished truth. Actually, I’ve read hundreds of her tweets which serve as short missives on reality. They are like Reader’s Digest epistles from the Apostle Paul to the churches. Her style is to the point, and I suspect she doesn’t have time to put together those massive Twitter threads that often move us to scream, “get to the point!”

On Father’s Day Lavern asked this question:

To read her tweets is to capture Lavern’s disgust with the DNC’s attempts to impugn Republicans with racism, while they ignore their own sins. I couldn’t help noticing she tweeted this confrontation of an elite Democratic Senator on his way to an all-white club.

Running for political office is hard work and takes a discipline unique to but a few. I believe Lavern Spicer represents what we refer to as The Next Generation of Conservatives® and I am pleased to announce that iVoteFlorida, in cooperation with iVoteAmerica is proud to endorse her for US House.

My interview follows…and I hope you will see the remarkable person I came to know, support her campaign, and if you are in Florida’s District 24, vote for her.

Q:  There is a topic of importance to every Floridian, American, and today’s voters…what is your view of the role of government?

The job of the government is to make sure we the people are taken care of by ensuring the rule of law. When I say take care of the people, I am not talking about money and welfare. The purpose of the government is to enforce the constitution, provide for the common defense, and to oversee the general welfare of the people… the government should follow the rules and make sure citizens follow the rules. Oh yes, the government is too big. We have people today who think the constitution is irrelevant, that  it needs to be changed, so they can turn us into a socialist country, and they don’t care about the safety of the people, about justice, and our laws.

Q: When you hear someone say, no one is above the law, what do you think? Do you believe that phrase?

I used to. From what I have seen take place in this country, it looks like some people may be above the law.  What we saw take place last year with Black Lives Matter when they went out and burned and looted stores and destroyed private property, and then for Kamala Harris to essentially say, “Hey, whatever you do we going o support you…if you go to jail, we are going to bond you out…”  The Squad has said they want to open the prisons and let the criminals out.

Q: Lavene, I would like to know a little about how you grew up. What do you remember about your home life?

I grew up in a home where my daddy worked hard. He bought a house for us because he didn’t want his kids to grow up in the projects. We had a home. In fact, my mom still lives there. There were four of us in the family, and my mama also worked hard every day. She paid the bills. She wasn’t on food stamps or government assistance. When I was a little girl growing up I enjoyed playing with the other kids in the neighborhood. I worked with my neighbor who was elderly. I would clean their house and cut the grass. That was where I discovered my passion to help others. I organized games for the kids, we attended the local church that was involved with the community. We went to Bible study. During Christmas time, the church would give us gifts to keep us engaged and active. That’s the kind of childhood I had.

Q: Were you happy, was life difficult?

Sometimes (laughter!) But I grew up at a time when neighbors took care of each other. Like the Bible says we were “our brother’s keeper.” My childhood was pretty stable. We looked out for each other. I grew up in North Carolina. People believed in sharings. Neighbors would give us a bushel of butter beans or corn. When a child grows up in the inner city, it’s totally different. We’ve lost the idea of helping each other…we’ve changed. That’s why I have a food bank today and engage in a ministry of giving, supporting, love and kindness to the people who need it most.

Q: Ingrowing up did you experience any racism?

[giggles and laughtger]  No, and I grew up in the Carolinas. If I experienced any racism, it wasn’t from white people, it was from black people. Within the African American race, it has always existed in the form of who had light skin and who had dark skin. That kind of thing has always existed, but not talked about, and I did experience that. A lot of black people would not like to hear me say this, but it’s the truth.

Q: Aren’t you a converted liberal who became a conservative?

Yes, sir, I am. Because I have always worked in the community, I wondered, why are we sending resources to China, why aren’t we putting Americans like veterans, homeless people first. I began to notice how politicians who made promises to the community stopped answering emails and returning phone calls. All of that contributed to me becoming a conservative as I listened to President Trump when he challenged us to take a look at our communities to see if they are helping you…he challenged us to take our neighborhoods back. When the conservatives came to visit my establishment they didn’t take me through all the red tape Democrats were taking me through. All of that contributed to me waking up. I asked myself, why are we loyal to people that aren’t really helping us? Trump asked the black community, “what do  you have to lose?” and I was listening.

Q:  Let’s turn toward District 24 in Florida. Describe for us who lives there, the demographics, the politics, and the needs.

District 24, which is my district, was at one time mostly black, now it is mostly Cuban. WE have a lot of HUD projects on the chopping block, being torn down and redeveloped. When they are rebuilt they will have moved eh African American community out and Hispanics in. It’s a district in transition and it is becoming more conservative. My statement to voters in District 24 has been in office for ten years and there has been little change to the district. We are out knocking on doors, attending meetings, creating a message on social media.

Q: Let’s get into a detailed discussion about the black community. What is the most urgent need in the black community?

One of the problems is crime. We have had shootouts in my district. We haven’t seen this in Miami since the 80s. And people don’t want to report crime…they don’t want to snitch. Kids are being shot at birthday parties. We cannot afford to defund the police. Affordable housing is not affordable. Our homeless population needs to be put back on its feet. Mental healthcare is needed. Our fatherless home situation is huge. When you have homes without a father you will have more crime. That’s what’s missing in our community. You have babies raising babies because some of the moms are gone.

Q: We believe life is sacred, that it comes from God. Is abortion robbing the black community?

250,000 black babies are murdered by Planned Parenthood every year. Planned Parenthood is not guiding women through their pregnancy. They guide them through murder…it’s just murder. I don’t believe in abortion.

Q: You retweeted a video of young black youth climbing on and twirling on a Chicago police car and your message was, “My color but not my kind.” What did you mean?

They were totally out of order. It’s ridiculous. This is the kind of stuff Black Lives Matter is promoting. I cannot imagine defunding the police in my community. We have had back-to-back shootings, a woman was assaulted and nearly raped across the street from my warehouse. Defunding is not an option. We get the defund message from white liberals. But many of us like Candace Owens and Diamond and Silk are used to being mocked about our positions on law and order, and policing in the black community.

Q: Are race relations better, worse, or about the same today as they were under Obama and now Biden, or Trump?

With Biden, everything is the race card and the cancel culture. Everybody is pushing something about race, even Michelle Obama who said she worries about her girls.

Q: Let’s talk about your opponent. What are the differences between you and Frederica Wilson?

The difference is I am a fighter in the community. I always have been. When she was first elected, the first bill she introduced was a law to allow her to wear her hats in Congress. She also attempted to create a law that would make it illegal to criticize their congressional candidates. An act that would infringe upon our 1st Amendment rights. Frederica Wilson has had the opportunity and the power to help citizens and doesn’t.  I will.

Q:  Let’s have some fun with some rapid-fire questions that are not political. What’s your favorite color?


Q: What was your first pet?

A dog

Q: What was the first car you bought??

Pinto (laughter!)

Q: What the one food you crave but probably shouldn’t eat?


Q: Do you have a favorite book?

Yes, the Bible.

Q: How about a favorite movie?

The Color Purple.



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